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Ceramic Tiles are becoming a popular choice in home decoration today because they are versatile, durable and easy to clean. Ceramic Tiles are available in various sizes, textures, finishes, colours and grades and so can match almost any decoration style. There has been a change in the trend of using neutral colours in Ceramic Tiles, i.e. white, almond or grey, and although white and almond are still the most commonly used colours, people are experimenting more and the colours are getting warmer and brighter, clearer and cleaner. There is a trend toward using the larger tiles such as the 350 x 350mm and the 430 x430mm. It does get tricky though for a ''first-time'' installer using anything bigger as the underlayment has to be perfectly even and level. When selecting tiles, it is important to bear in mind that the material which used to make tiles and the methods of manufacturing determines its durability and absorption. It is therefore important to know what tile is best suited for your specific situation e.g. Floor Tiles are designed for foot traffic but can be used on the floor and on the wall, whereas Wall Tiles can only be used for wall application as the body and glaze are not strong enough for foot traffic. The size of tile is also an important factor to be considered; it is advisable to use smaller tiles in less spacious area so as not to appear overpowering whereas larger tiles look better in a bigger room so the room appears ''less busy''.

Helpful tips when buying tiles:

1. Be sure to measure the area to be tiled accurately.
2. Buy more tiles than needed to allow for breakages during and after installation..
3. Before making the purchase of your Ceramic Tiles, try testing samples of the tiles you are considering in the environment you plan to tile, making sure that you are satisfied with the tile in the lighting of the area and that the colours, shapes and furnishings in the area are compatible with your options..
4. Check that the tiles you are considering are suitable for the area chosen in terms of durability, strain, scratch and water resistance e.g. use tiles that can withstand High Traffic for hallways, and tiles that are not too slippery for Bathrooms.
5. You may want to consider placing your tiles on a diagonal, rather than on the grid as this will add an interesting visual effect to the area..
6. Laying intricate patterns, or adding special accents, borders and trim pieces, will elevate your costs as it requires more expertise to install, but in the long run, may leave your area looking beautiful and stylish..
7. When deciding your choice of colours, consider the size of the area which you are wanting to tile as light colours make a room appear bigger than it is and darker colours will make a room darker and give the impression the room is smaller than it actually is..

Earthen Fire The TILE Factory

In order to achieve the best result from the tiles you have purchased the following points should be closely observed. 1. Some tiles have a marked laying direction or grain and it is essential that this is carefully complied with by the tiler. Planning your layout is very important. 2. Variation in shade and size are a a natural feature of ceramics, and shades can vary from batch to batch, so please check before fixing the tiles. It is advisable to buy all the tiles for a project at one time and to mix and blend the contents of the different boxes. Tiles and accessories are considered to have been accepted, once they have been laid. Second grade tiles are cheap, but they can have the following imperfections Colour Variation Size Variation Glaze Flaws Cracks or Chips We do not take responsibility for these defects or blemishes.